Dagger Tattoos

Dagger tattoos

In this catalogue you will find the dagger and knife tattoos. Main meanings of dagger tattoos is the power, agility, revenge, betrayal and solitude, symbol of the compulsory military service, wit and resolution, preciseness in everything, duality, pain, achievement, freedom, defence.

If dagger tattoo is depicted with sipping blood, such a tattoo means readiness to act despite of consequences. If dagger is combined with skull, this means death – probably the man killed someone.
Tattoo with dagger in heart is a symbol of betrayal in love, especially after cheating. Sometimes this symbol means revenge.

Dagger and men’s head are applied by soldiers during the times of war. If the skull is holding the dagger in its teeth, that means readiness for everything.
The dagger with snake around it means a thief, a head of thief syndicate.

Tattoos of sword often mean the antipodes – life and death. Also many people consider sword to be the instrument of justice. If a sword is combined with a cross, this means unity. Sword is considered to make the person who owns it invincible.